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Super 6 Blacktown City Youth Games

Welcome to the Super 6 Youth Games, where dreams take flight and potential knows no bounds. Our mission is to empower the youth of today, creating a brighter, healthier, and more resilient future through the power of sports and our holistic super 6 high performance development program.

Super 6 Youth Games

Discover the Super 6 Experience

Founded by Carl Jennings NZBM and chaired by Bob Turner, our mission is to empower the youth within our communities through athletic prowess, holistic wellness, and positive behavioral change. At the heart of our initiative is a commitment to enable young people to be the best versions of themselves. The Super 6 Youth Games is more than just a sporting event; it’s a groundbreaking platform that transcends the boundaries of traditional sports, igniting the passion for self awareness, healthy lifestyle, competitiveness, and leadership in our youth.

Super 6 Youth Games

An Unprecedented Concept

Carl Jennings NZBM envisioned a unique concept that brings athletes from all sports together to compete in an arena-based event, seeking to find the best all-round athlete. With over 30 years of experience in applied athletic development, Carl’s vision will transform the sporting landscape with a focus to create positive social change.

Why Super 6 Matters

The Super 6 Youth Games focuses
on four core pillars



Fostering a lifelong love for physical activity and emotional resilience. Driven by our Super 6 High Performance “Physical Development” program.



Equipping young people with mental skills to thrive in life’s challenges. Driven by our Super 6 High Performance “Survive & Thrive” program.



Developing positive leadership traits for success in sports and life. Driven by our Super 6 High Performance “Behavioural Awareness” program.



The cornerstone of the Super 6 High Performance program is creating safe spaces for young people, both physically and emotionally. Not dependent on ability, socio or economic background, gender, ethnicity, religion, or sporting endeavour.

Experience the

Join us in making a difference. The Super 6 Youth Games is not just an event; it’s a movement that unites communities, nurtures talent, and empowers our youth.

Super 6 Youth Games Events


A lightning-fast dash to the finish line, testing speed and agility.

800m Shuttle

A challenging middle-distance race that pushes endurance and stamina.

Long Jump

Jump your farthest from a standing position in this explosive event.

Ball Throw

Test your arm strength and accuracy with this throw event.

Basketball / Netball Shootout

Precision and accuracy are key as participants aim to score in this thrilling shootout.

Machine Blitz

An intense fitness challenge on cardio machines to measure endurance.

Super 6 It - Skills Conditioning

The ultimate test of skills and conditioning for the top performers (final only).

Events (TBA)

Inclusive events that celebrate the talents of all athletes, details coming soon.
Super 6 Youth Games

Exciting Prizes Await Our Champions!

At the Super 6 Youth Games Events, there are fantastic prizes waiting for the top three athletes in each age group during the final competition. But that’s not all—when you register and pay the $20 registration fee, you’ll receive a Super 6 training shirt and shorts, ensuring you’re geared up for success. Plus, we’ve got you covered with a free preparation booklet that includes a comprehensive 6-week training program and our exclusive Mental Skills “Survive and Thrive” curriculum. To kick-start your journey, we invite you to an orientation session where you can master the skills required and collect your event kits. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

Our Amazing Partners

Meet the incredible organizations and individuals who share our vision and support our mission.

Event Dates

The Super 6 Youth Games Final is set to be a standout event on Sunday October 27th, 2024.

Schedule Timings
Athlete arrival – Athlete and Volunteer Orientation 8:00am
Events Start – 9:00am
Event Finishes – 3:00pm

The Super 6 Blacktown City Youth Games will be staged at the Athletics track Blacktown International Sports Park (BISP), Rooty Hill, Blacktown, NSW, the home of S6HP.

Age Criteria for 2024

U12 - Turning 12 during 2024 (Born in 2012)
U13 - Turning 13 during 2024 (Born in 2011)
U14 - Turning 14 during 2024 (Born in 2010)
U15 - Turning 15 during 2024 (Born in 2009)
U16 - Turning 16 during 2024 (Born in 2008)
U17 - Turning 17 during 2024 (Born in 2007)
U18 - Turning 18 during 2024 (Born in 2006)
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