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Welcome to the heart of the Super 6 Youth Games, where talent and determination converge in thrilling athletic competitions. Our carefully selected events cover a wide spectrum of athletic prowess and skill, providing equal opportunities for all participants to excel.

Here are the exciting events that await our athletes:

100m Sprint

The Lightning Dash: In the 100m sprint, athletes showcase their maximum speed and agility as they race towards the finish line in a thrilling burst of energy.

Basketball/Netball Shootout

Precision and Accuracy: This event tests participants’ skill under pressure, precision and accuracy as they aim to score points in an exhilarating shootout against the clock.

800m Shuttle Run

Endurance Challenge: The 800m shuttle run is a challenging race that pushes athletes to test their endurance, stamina, acceleration and deceleration.

Standing Long Jump

Jump Your Farthest:  Participants aim to jump their farthest from a standing position in this explosive event, demonstrating lower body power.

Gridiron Ball Throw

The Search for Future Olympians: Test your throwing arm in the gridiron ball throw, this event will be the launch of Gridiron Australia talent ID program to find our next Flag Football quarterbacks, Flag football is the  introductory sport for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic event.

Cardio Machine Blitz

Endurance Test: Athletes face an intense fitness challenge on cardio machines, pushing their endurance to the limit in this demanding anaerobic event.

Super 6 It - Skills Conditioning Race
(Final Only)

Ultimate Test of athletic Resilience : The Top 8 athletes chosen after the compulsory 6 events, race against each other in an exciting fanale to determine the ultimate champion.

Disability Events
(to be announced soon)

Celebrating Inclusivity: Stay tuned for details on our disability events, where we celebrate the remarkable talents of all athletes.

The Super 6 It – Skills conditioning race will be performed by the top 8 in each age group after the 6 regular events have been completed. They will race off against each other, with the winners to be crowned Super 6 Youth Games Champion 2024.

Event Dates

The Super 6 Youth Games Final is set to be a standout event on Sunday October 27, 2024.

Schedule Timings
Athlete arrival – Athlete and Volunteer Orientation 8:00am
Events Start – 9:00am
Event Finishes – 3:00pm

Athletics track Blacktown international sports park

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Are you ready to showcase your athletic prowess and compete in the Super 6 Youth Games? Stay tuned for registration details and be a part of this exciting journey towards youth excellence.